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About us
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DG DIMENSE was established in 2023, as a joint venture of Roland DG and former VEIKA, the inventor of Ecodeco™ and DIMENSE™ technologies.

DG DIMENSE is a part of Roland DG Corporation. Its main goal is to continue the development of sustainable technologies for wallpaper and digital printing industries. The focus remains on DIMENSE™ and Ecodeco™ technologies, using ink and media expertise coming from VEIKA, and know-how of  printers development from Roland DG. The two companies have been having a business partnership since 2015 and creation of the new joint venture will accelerate the progress of DIMENSE™ technology, including new effects and applications in different fields, as well as development and production of sustainable Ecodeco™ material for traditional wallpaper industry.

“I am very happy that our long-term business partnership with Roland DG has evolved over the years and today we can proudly announce that DG DIMENSE has become a part of the Roland DG family. I am confident that the synergy between the two companies will yield amazing results in the development of our DIMENSE™ and Ecodeco™ technologies. Together, we will conquer new heights in terms of innovation, quality, and impeccable client service.

It fills me with pride to see how what once started as a family business has now become a part of a global corporation. I extend my sincere appreciation to every single employee who has worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality, and I know they will continue to do so in the future.

We are determined to seize this opportunity to the fullest and deliver the WOW factor to the digital printing and decorative industries.”

Dr. Aleksey Etin,
CEO & Director

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DG DIMENSE is the inventor of unique Ecodeco and DIMENSE technologies.